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Psychotherapy with Nikki

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy located in South Gloucestershire

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My name is Nikki Holmes and I am a UKCP Psychotherapist in Training based in Downend, South Gloucestershire.

Life can bring us a variety of 'ups and downs.' Sometimes we feel able to cope with these and sometimes we need more support to see us through.  You might be feeling stressed, anxious, lost or confused. It can be difficult to reach out and ask for help and you might feel worried about where or how to start. 

I can offer you a calm and non-judgemental space to explore whatever has brought you to Psychotherapy. By bringing awareness to what is happening in our mind and body, we can begin to explore what is causing our pain and suffering, and how this relates to our past experiences. I will follow your lead and work gently to support you in understanding yourself more fully, bringing self compassion to areas of difficulty and in moving towards greater freedom from whatever is troubling you.

Finding a therapist that is the right 'fit' for you is important as it is through the relationship and joint enquiry between therapist and client that healing can occur. I offer a caring space of acceptance for whatever arises in the therapy; everything is welcome. Please read on to find out more about Core Process Psychotherapy and what it can help with, and more about me. You can find my contact details below if you would like to discuss working together. I look forward to hearing from you.

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07354 775697


Opening Hours

I work in private practice on Mondays and Tuesdays, offering online and in person sessions.


Downend, near Bristol, UK

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